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es Mandy Young Post:The North Face The workshop for dog hiking proved to be a pleasant experience. After a short introductory talk, the first participant, Jim, threw a stick up into the air and hit the ground. Then, he and his dog, Baloo, sprinted away. We were all eager to follow his lead. The first goal of this experience, we were told, was to help us become better members of the pack and to help us achieve mutual goals in our walk. I have to admit I was at a loss with the concept. As someone who loves to lead others on their own terms, I knew I would have a hard time performing the doghiking tasks that Jim had planned for us. But I have to admit I was intrigued. Before I joined the group, I had been the only woman in the group, which was filled primarily with men in their late teens to early twenties. I was enjoying the conversations and camaraderie, but I was already sensing that a few of the men thought of me as competition, which I knew was a natural instinct for them. We were at a new location, so I thought the idea of a doghiking workshop would help change my image. I began thinking about ways that dog hiking could benefit me. Jim was giving us all time to reflect on our fitness and willingness to achieve goals, and I knew I would be an excellent candidate for the planned activity. I had been hiking with my dog, Rita, a golden retriever-German shepherd mix, since Rita was a puppy. I trained her to hike alongside me, as long as I let her know where we were going. She would run on ahead, then return to sniff the smells and place the front of her body alongside mine. She was so fast! It was great exercise and fun for us. We would pick out the fastest route, walking briskly alongside the road. We would reach a viewpoint, and I would hand-feed her treats while she was looking out over the countryside. At this point, I would run back, and she would run on ahead. Sometimes she’d be so excited she’d run towards a cluster of barking or growling dogs. I’d have to stop her and tell her to stay. I knew that not everyone liked dogs. In fact, I had been cautioned that many people were afraid of dogs. I was determined to create a positive experience. Dogs can be




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